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Next Sheffield FNR
The Dragon of Wantley
Friday 29 June 2018
Start 6.30pm @Hillsborough House (aka The Library) in Hillsborough Park
Ride Leader: Simon

SFNR’s 10th birthday is on 20 June but this is the first day we can go! and it will be ride #97
15 Miles Hilly on the outbound (anyone wanting to skip the hilly bit and meet us at the Dragon can get directions from Simon).
Bring a picnic
and bring lights, locks and a spare inner tube pls

Dedicated to the memory of Nick Rahtz, with whom Simon didn’t do enough riding.

The tale of the Dragon of Wantley is an allegory about a greedy rapacious landlord who was bested by a valiant knight in a court of law – or is it? Come along and find out! Many thanks to Lenny Fairhall for bringing it to our attention.

We cycle to see this sculpture of the Dragon of Wantley above Moore Hall

Ride starts at Hillsborough Park bandstand and terminates at the Gardeners Rest (anyone wanting to get back to the Park will be directed) Ample parking at the Park for out-of-towners.

Opera poster from June 2018

Next Sheffield FNRs after that
Friday 13 July 2018. Sheffield Painting,s Ride Leader: Mick (ride #98)
A while ago we did a ride to the locations of the Sheffield Quartet. We will go to three of them again (Park Hill, Crookes, and Mayfield Valley) and pick up on other locations of paintings in this gallery in Sheffield PLUS any artists (Dave Aikenhead?) want to contribute a thumbnail of a painting of Sheffield so we can go to the location and hear, why paint there?

Friday 24 August 2018. Sheffield Boundaries, Ride Leader: Simon (ride #99)
Sheffield has always been a city on the boundaries, for iron age tribes the Brigante & Corieltauvi, saxons in Mercia and danes in Northumbria, and folk in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, it’s why so many places in SHF have ‘..shire..’ as part of their name – we are going to cycle to some of these boundaries

Friday 7 September 2018. Hidden Hillsborough (Reprise), Ride Leader: Mick (ride #100 and belated 10th SFNR birthday celebrations after the ride)
Revising and adapting a ride from 2009, and supporting Burton St Foundation’s contribution to 2018 Heritage Open Days we will explore Hillsborough and its surrounds before heading back to town to party
The ride will start at Burton Street Foundation and tootle around and in and out of Hillsborough finally heading back to the city centre for an after ride party @ The Dorothy Pax more details soon.

​and that’s probs it for 2018