Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

Next Sheffield FNR

Proposed rides for 2016-2017 are only planned for September and will be up on Future Sheffield FNR as and when we can
Rides change tho’ so keep looking or sign up for the email list or on the fb page
This is the page with all the info and background to the next ride
Jan 1 2018 (possibly) Christmas Lights Ride
Start 3.15pm
Place: tbd
Route: tbd

Please send me details of brightly lit houses we can visit
Here’s what I have got so far
Lights in city centre
Children’s Hospital
Hereford St at the bottom of The Moor
Claire, Darren and family on Meersbrook Rd are willing to re-enact the scene on our first Xmas lights ride when we knocked on the door and asked them to turn their lights on
this one on windy house lane on the Manor
We’ll definitely go to Abbeydale Park Rise if Amey have been or not!
so light up yr bikes (packs of battery powered LEDS at Wilkos at the mo’ or use yr ones from before)
I have one from the Star on Windy Lane, Manor
Illumination madness up at Meadowhead apparently
Jerry Ibberson may ride along with others to sing some Sheffield Carols

ANY MORE? send them in or bring addresses/locations along.
No rumours or past experiences – actual sightings this year pls
We’ll make up a route on the day

It’s not a Friday and the ride will start 3-3.30pm-ish
if the weather is good enough
we can find enough Xmas lights up a
we are not sure that any pubs will be open at the end (The Red Deer was last time we did this),
BUT, hey!, its 8 years since we last did one on a New Year’s Day and you can clear yr head on a ride and welcome in the New Year with other “lunaticks” (it’s a full moon on 2 Jan).
Optional (but compulsory really): decorate yrself and yr bike with sparkly lights and stuff. Bring flapjack etc if you want.
This ride is ON but usual notice will be given to confirm if OFF (eg bad weather, dead ride leader) by midday on the day by email, webpage, fb and twitter