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2009/04/03 The rest of Tramways

Catch up Ride

SheffieldFridayNightRide Friday April 3

 The Rest of the Tramways FNR

 Get fit for Holy Week in style!

Meet Fri 3 April at the Showroom 6-6.30 for a 6.45 pm start

The weather forecast is good so I thought do a catch-up of the rained-off tramways trip route out via Attercliffe Rd to tramsheds at Tinsley – back along Brightside, Wicker- following two of the old lines – all as a warm up – then up to Tenter St, Division St, Whitham Rd, Crookes, Northfield Rd, South Rd, Commonside, Crookesmoor Rd and back to Shalesmoor and the Fat Cat – work it out from the ride’s originalmap at

 Ride report: Catch up Ride: The Rest of the Tramways FNR

 Amazing response for our first catch-up ride – 10 riders made up a significant bevvy of riders with two novitiates joining the group. All had assembled by 5 to 7 outside the Showroom with the weather fine and promising a clear night.  There was an eclectic mix of bikes incl one fully staffed tandem.  So we were off, Pond St, Fitzalan Sq, Angel St, Castle St, Waingate into the Wicker as we followed the old Attercliffe line.  Many chances to rest as the lights frequently split the group and we all got together again.

It was really nice to ride out in daylight in mild weather and Attercliffe looked good as we whirred up to the old Tinsley tramsheds (now a tile store).  Then lights on, and cycle up Weedon St to the terminus of the Brightside line outside the old Vickers works and back down through Brightside going under the bridge where the road had been dug out to let the double decker trams through.

Traffic was light and we had plenty of times that we could double up and then we had a hitch as Graeme’s bike developed pedal problems. By the time we were back at Saville St the thread had stripped off the crank so he had to split off and nurse his way home.

Back into the Wickerand turn right up Bridge St to West Bar Green and Tenter St where tramsheds used to be (now the HSBC building – the Stalinist school of architecture). Then sharply up to Trippets Lane and across to the City Hall and down Division St (Sheffield Tramways had its HQ here where Costa Coffee (formerly Fopp – sorely missed) is now).  The crowds of revellers parted and gasped as the cyclists went past.

Through West One concourse, Convent Walk and by the Bath Hotel and up Gell St, over the inner ring road and up Hounsfield St to Whitham Rd and then a steady paced ascent up into Broomhill and then a sharp turn right up Crookes Rd to Crookes. This suburb only really got built once the tramline was in place and we noted Pickmere Rd, running diagonally off where the Crookes tramsheds were.

We elected to go to the Walkley Cottage for refreshment and followed the old tram route down Northfield Rd to said pub.  It was packed; there was wedding on as well as the usual Friday night crowd so we mingled with guests, the bride and groom, the DJ, the obligatory dancing tots (aren’t they at every wedding?) and other punters as we got our beer and crisps. The barman was curious as to what we were doing and when he heard told us he remembered the trams and where the trams had their terminuses and so on.  It was mild enough to stand outside under a half moon, chat away and banter with all and reflect on whether this was the most we had climbed in a FridayNightRide – maybe although when this ride was rained off last time we had climbed up to Sheffield Lane Top.  If I carried a Garmin gadget or could be bothered I could look it up to find out if this is true.(Think that was a climb – come on the next ride!)

Four dropped out at this stage as they were near home.  So five go mad through Walkley, as alcoholically fuelled, we raced from where the terminus was at the end of South Rd to the University (Commonside, Crookesmoor Rd) in no time at all.  Some drivers were surprised to be over taken I think. I thoroughly enjoyed it and quite scared myself.  Down through Netherthorpe under the ring road and down to the Fat Cat where we had one more drink sitting out in the garden under the shadow of Kelham Island Industrial Museum (which was the electricity generating station for the old tramways) before we split for our respective homes.

Brilliant. I felt good on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for joining in.

Work out the route from the ride’s original map at

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“We have nothing to lose but our chains!”


A catch up ride as the original Tramways ride was rained off – this night was good weather