Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

Its just a ride – our manifesto

We might ride out to Meadowhall or pace around the city. Or up to the Peaks for the sunset (or sunrise). Or to Concord Park, Whiteley Woods and Forge Dam for a spot of summer loafing. Usually we take it very easy, taking in the views and exploring our city. FridayNightide is about big things – like community, the environment and having a good time. If we get separated we’ll just re-group further up. No-one gets left behind, and no-one gets too far ahead. So come along and join us.

Sheffield FridayNightRide is a cycle ride around Sheffield. It’s a ride for fun, fresh(ish) air and comradeship. It’s unsupported, it’s about celebrating cycling and celebrating Sheffield. It’s not a demo or a protest. It’s not anti-traffic. Whoever you are, whatever your bike, you’re welcome to join the FridayNightRide.

Get involved

Just turn up at the next ride. People will be there at least thirty minutes before we head off, just look for a collection of bikes somewhere (don’t stand in one place, keep looking around). What do you need? Nothing special, bring locks for when we may stop at a pub, but you really want to bring lights for when you find yourself still out late (more common than you’d believe) and heading home on your own or with a friend you have made on the Sheffield FridayNightRide …

Sheffield FridayNightRide is not a club or a society; there is no formal membership or sub. It is a mix of cycling, interest in one’s city and being sociable.  It is just something I and others organise on behalf of CycleSheffield and all are welcome to join in on the rides. If you have an idea for, or want to organise a ride then let me know. We have a standing ad in the on-line Sheffield Evening Telegraph, updates on this website, Facebook at Sheffield FridayNightRide and on Twitter @sheffieldfnr. 

Send Mick an email, to get on the email list.  He’ll get back to you. Promise.

Got an idea for a theme for a ride? Got a route? Seen something better?  Send a comment with your suggestions.

 All routes we take end up on this website. 

“We have nothing to lose but our chains!”