Sheffield FridayNightRide

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Past Sheffield FNR

Sorry folks – reworking this page (basically deleted some code which I don’t know!)

This page lists past Sheffield FridayNightRides.
Each ride should have its own page (see side bar) with details of the ride theme, route and, if we got round to it, a ride report. (This whole thing is in danger of becoming organised – we’ll have photos next! – if anybody remembered to bring a camera.)
List of Sheffield FNRs

No. Theme Date
102 Delightful Darnall 22/3/2019

No.ThemeDate1The Full Monty20 June 20082Public Art I18 July 20083Social Housing19 September 20084Cemeteries17 October 20085Bridges14 November 20086Pop and Rock12 December 20087Tramways (pre 1961)16 January 20098Steel and Mills27 February 20099Public Education13 March 200910The rest of Tramways3 April 200911J G Graves – philanthropist and cyclist24 April 200912War and Peace29 May 200913Sunset at Wincobank19 June 200914Riding the Sheffield Flood 186410 July 200915Public Art II24 July 200916Hidden Hillsborough4 September 200917Ginnels, Snickets and Tracklements2 October 200918Ghouls, Ghosts and Spirits20 November 200919Dissent4 December 200920Christmas Lights1 January 201021Hospitals and Health I22 January 201022The Women’s Movement5 March 201023Social Housing II26 March 201024Vestry Halls23 April 201025Shirebrook Nature Reserve21 May 201026Bridges II4 June 201027Ruskin in Sheffield18 June 201028The Northern Clemency16 July 201029Amazing Attercliffe17 September 201030Sheffield and its People22 October 201031Chip Shop Ride19 November 201032Xmas Lights17 December 201033We Live Here14 January 201134Libraries and Bookshops18 February 201135Bounded Infinity18 March 201136Railways and Stations8 April 201137″Be a citizen, not a subject” Republican Ride29 April 201138Mervyn’s Ride13 May 201139Free Love and Socialism: a visit to Edward Carpenter’s house24 June 201140Bonkers15 July 201141Pulchritudinous Pitsmoor16 September 201142Now 42! I love Shef14 October 201143Le Tour des Frites11 November 201144Xmas Lights 39 December 201145Cinemas6 January 201246Breweries10 February 201247Railways II9 March 201248Sheffield Olympians13 April 201249Snooker4 May 201250!!Golden Jubilee Ride to Wortley Hall5 June 201251Stanage Pole22 June 201252Hathersage Pool13 July 201253This is Gleadless21 September 201254Phlegm12 October 201255Countries of the World16 November 20125660s Sheffield – before its gone7 December 201257SEX15 February 201358Edgelands and Ghost Streets15 March 201359Railways III19 April 201360Grow your Own: Hazlehurst Coop17 May 201361Black Diamonds21 June 201362Hawley’s, Pulp’s & Arctic Monkeys’ Sheffield19 July 201363Sweets20 September 201364The Flower Estate15 November 201365Ligging it in your Xmas Jumper13 December 201366The Ring Cycle24 January 201467Foodbanks14 March 201468Railways IV11 April 201469Green Homes Sheffield16 May 201470Riding the 1864 Sheffield Flood20 June 201471Dressing the urban route of Stage 2 of the TdF4 July 201472The Barnsley FridayNightRide11 July 201473The Sheffield Pals12 September 201474Poetry10 October 201475Yoga7 November 201476Christmas Jumper12 December 201477Je suis Charlie16 January 201578Bounded Infinity II: Greater Nether Edge13 March 201579Tracklements II or Waverley: Here be Dragons17 April 201580Sheffield Design Awards19 June 201581Abracadabra!31 July 201582Sheffield Quartet31 August 201583Civic Heritage11 September 201584Lyrics23 October 201585Henderson’s Relish and Henderson’s FridayNight Out!20 November 201586The Women’s Movement11 March 201687The Sheffield Outrages3 June 201688Sheffield’s Scattered Homes17 June 201689Enclosures15 July 201690Wild Northlands: Sheffield Cycle Routes12 August 201691Zeppelin Over Sheffield9 September 201692Wentworth Woodhouse23 June 201793The Droppingwell Bridge4 August 201794Pulchritudinous Pitsmoor8 Sep 201795Sheffield USA27 October 201796Bounded Infinity III20 April 201897The Dragon of Wantley29 June 201898Sheffield Paintings3 August 201899Borders and Boundaries24 August 2018 100 Hidden Hillsborough (reprise) 7/9/2018 101Sheffield Modern26 October 2018