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2008/06/20 The Full Monty


This was the first Sheffield FridayNightRide. Mick was introduced to fridaynightriding in London by a Dane(!) called Hendrik who runs Friday Night Ride there; it used to have a website but the URL,, is now defunct – shame if it is no longer running!
With no shame or apology Mick nicked the idea and all Hendrik’s text and brought the idea to Sheffield with the same general philosophy and manifesto.
The theme of riding around external locations of the Full Monty for the inaugural Sheffield FridayNightRide seemed very Sheffield and that’s it.
The first fridaynightriders just turned up at Barkers Pool at about 6 pm with only the title to go on.  Mick had a route planned and so on and had done a recce and negotiated entry to the Shirecliffe Working Men’s Club for the riders but they all did it because it seemed like a fun thing to do.
The route is at
compared to the rides now, it was longer – nearly 17 miles.
and it is below

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I am very grateful and from there it has grown.
It’s now a hobby.
Enjoy the rides.

Full Monty Sheffield Friday Night Ride Report Fri 20 June 2008

Ten of us turned up Chris, John, Simon, Heather, Mary, Polly, Tony, John, Edward and Mick and set off by 6.20.

We were blessed with a warm, sunny evening and cycling was a pleasure.  As always in Sheffield the general direction was up

The route went via town centre to South St up past Park Hill flats and left towards City Rd and onto Manor Oaks Rd where we found the location for the keep fit sequence and chatted whilst viewing  a beautiful sunlit panorama over the bowl of Sheffield.

On to Cricket Inn Rd, down Bernard Rd and then up Effingham Rd to Bacon Lane and the bridge over the canal to see the factories where the canal scene was located.  Dropped down to the Five Weirs walk and cycled out ot Meadowhall, comfort break, and then follow the TPT round the back and over the top of Concord Park.  Looked out at Rotherham and got to locations where shots of the Tinsley Viaduct were shot

Through the park and down Shiregreen Lane to the WMC where the internal locations of the club were shot.  Got a drink and sat outside in the sun and all were allowed to see the concert room where the strip scene took place. Out through Shire Green estate and past roads with various shops and post offices used in locations and then a dead thrilling drop down Hinde House Lane into Fir Vale. 

Up the Barnsley Rd to Pitsmoor – much to the exasperation of drivers who – gasp – had to slow down.  Another crazy descent down Rutland Rd into Neepsend Lane and pointed out Vale Rd where the suicide scene was located. Cycle along the cycle lanes on Penistone Rd and cross over at a crossing to reach Burton St and the school used in the film.  This also had a lot of internal locations (Job Centre scenes, Gerald’s dance club scenes).  Further down the road are the Regents Court flats the location for Gaz’s flat.

From Burton St along Langsett Rd and take cycle path on right on  Infirmary Rd to reach Tesco and up through Upperthorpe (put lights on) onto and upward on Lydgate Lane to finally reach Crookes cemetery (closed) at 10 p.m. as dusk gently settled.  This was the location of the funeral scenes.

Hectic descent down Manchester Rd and Glossop Rd to the Bath Inn for the last four standing to enjoy a pint. 

I felt great Saturday morning – well set up for the weekend.

Total distance about 17 miles – I don’t carry a computer but Polly did