Sheffield FridayNightRide

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Future Sheffield FNR

SFNRs 2019!

We have a new format for 2019 – most rides have been proposed by FNR members who will talk you through the interesting features to be seen en route. Simon & Mick will be your ride management team, leading the rides and  making sure there is a back-stop so anyone who has a problem is sorted out.

Sheffield FNR is planned to take place on a monthly Friday near a full moon when it can! This will add to the romance of our adventures because if there is no cloud cover then we will be riding under a full(ish) moon. We try to take into account school holidays and Critical Mass (the last Friday of the month).

The programme could change at any time and if it is very likely to be very wet then the ride will be cancelled for that night. Notice will be sent out on email, the web, facebook and twitter by the morning of the ride. The ride with that theme will be rescheduled for another Friday, preferably as soon as we have a dry Friday, in which case we may clash with Critical Mass but c’est la vie.

Occasionally additional rides will be added if the weather is good.

Take a feed off this site or get on the email list (, or become a fan on Facebook (Sheffield FridayNightRide), or sign up as a follower on Twitter (@sheffieldfnr).

Sheffield FridayNightRide is now under the auspices of CycleSheffield and riders and leaders are insured for third party liability.

Other rides will come up – just keep looking

Themes “in the pipeline”

Magnificent Manor
Sheffield Quarters
TPT 30th Anniversary Rides
Don Valley Railway
Happy Heeley & Marvellous Meersbrook
Trees: unusual eg mulberry, special, old, weedy Amey saplings, rare, ones in ancient woodland, national forest or whatever it’s called, arty shaped ones and so on.

Bicycles in War – 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. Members of cycle battalions are buried in Sheffield, let’s find them

Zeppelin over Sheffield – 100th anniversary in 2016 so lets ride the route it took and see where it bombed the town

Edgelands II: the first one was interesting to plan, felt so good, also we missed a bit out and I want to do another!

Archeological Sheffield: Ride to sites where evidence for settlements and civilisation has been found that indicates a past for the region before all this steel and coal stuff came to the fore. Pre-history? Celtic? Roman? Saxon? Viking/DaneLaw? Let’s find out

Cycling: Ride to sites of bike shops and bike parks, tracks, cycling facilities, cycling on cobbles etc. past and present in Sheffield and try and arrange a visit to Field Cycles

Hills: Hills which involves going downhill on all these
Suggestion: Start University up to Crookes down Tinker Hill then Hagg Hill along Rivelin Valley RD up Walkley bank Rd into Walkley down Blake St into Upperthorpe, Shalesmoor, pitsmoor Fir Vale Shiregreen down Jenkin Rd back along Don to city centre up through Norfolk Park to Arbourthorne then down Kenninghall Rd and onto East Bank Rd and then Myrtle Rd and finally through Heeley to go up Thirlwell Rd and down Kent Rd – final pub in Heeley somewhere
See Robin’s article in NowThen

Ghost signs – Ghost signs are those signs, mainly advertising, that have never been erased but remain, mainly on walls, and fade slowly away as mementos of past life and the function of buildings. A project has already been done on these see I’d like to extend it to graffiti such as political slogans, or the persistent (eg ‘I love you will you marry me?’ Which has now been made permanent at Park Hill Flats by recreating it as a neon sign) or any other public sign that nightriders think fit the bill

Steeplechase – as its name suggests, start at a steeple, look around, cycle to the next steeple you can see, repeat without revisiting previous steeples, carry on until you have done enough

Beating the Bounds – this is an idea nicked from Leeds Psychogeographical Association. Sheffield now has at least two Designated Public Place Orders: in Shiregreen and Woodhouse. These are designated areas where people found intoxicated/drinking in the street may be asked to hand all their alcohol over by a PO or PCSO, usually if they are being a nuisance. Failure to do so may lead to arrest. Support is offered or provided by DAAT, the Drugs and Alcohol Action Team. So lets ride round the boundary and have a sip every so often to mark the bounds of the area – and then go for a beer. See

The Sheffield Paris-Roubaix – with our psychogeographical imaginations we shall transform sections of Sheffield streets that are cobbled into parts of the Paris Roubaix race route – not that we would race – but we would share the race riders kinaesthetic experience of riding over cobbles as fast as we dare or can bear; interspersed with sections of potholes Sheffield roads, eh?. Probably for a Friday on or near Bastille Day (July 14).

The Holy Land bike ride (?) Jericho Street, Mount Zion Chapel, The Samaritans and so an irreverent tour of the Holy Land in which we can visit places with names of biblical locations – must visit a Mecca, as well

Sports Grounds: tour of notable sports grounds past and present

Sheffield writers: tour of sites associated with writers either Sheffield born and/or resident

Crime and Punishment: tour of sites associated with Sheffield law and (dis)order, e.g. locations of courts, police stations, scenes of crimes, locations of prisons

Sheffield Food: tour to sites associated with Sheffield food past and present eg Hendersons Relish (Leavygreave Rd), Molly’s Ice Cream (Dungworth), Fancie cakes (Banner Cross), Thorntons chocolates (factory used to be on Archer Rd?) Crookes for that potted meat company and so on

Public Education II: tour of sites associated with education eg an EMA-support tour of FE and 6th form sites

Bookshops and Libraries II: follow-on of the ride in Spring 2011

The Attercliffe Prowler, Tunnels of Hell: tour to sites associated with Springheeled Jack, a legendary Sheffield figure or figure(s) as told and drawn in Graig Daley’s eponymous graphic novel  – could be good near Halloween

Green Roofs: Sheffield has an international centre for research and development of green roofs and there are a lot in town – a ride to visit sites and look at the style and range of buildings with green roofs

Squares and Gardens: tour to formal gardens and squares in Sheffield

The new ruins of Sheffield?: ride to see the buildings of the last two and a half decades that have gone up in Sheffield and decide: pseudomodern tat or post modern master pieces; you decide?

Curries: tour to recommended curry houses to sample food, maybe course by course or dish by dish, like bahjis at the Mangla, samosas at the Zeenat, channa dall at Nirmals

Disasters?: trip to scenes of Sheffield disasters, eg Malin Bridge and the 1864 Sheffield Flood, Hillsborough football disaster, scenes from the 2007 flood, scenes from works accidents , sites from the Sheffield Blitz etc

Theatres and Music Halls: tour to sites of theatres and music halls past and present, working or abandoned.

Sheffield and Epidemics: Ride to visit the site of St George’s Hospital and Lodge Moor, the isolation hospitals (associated with smallpox) and the Cholera Monument

Sheffield pre 1800; There’s not much but there is some like Bishop’s House, The Old Queen’s Head, Hilltop Chapel, the Unitarian Chapel on Norfolk St, Some of Paradise Square, I think an old barn up at Herdings – if it hasn’t been burnt down and so on

Little Mesters – ride to places like Portland Works, Butcher Works and other sites in the city that were the workshops of Little Mesters

Collieries: ride to sites of past collieries in the city of Sheffield and there were lots! All over from Norfolk Park, Handsworth, Pitsmoor and so on, open cast and shaft mining

Hospitals and Health II – follow on from Hospitals and Health I ridden in Jan 2010

Statue dressing – ride to sites of statues/plaques of people (which we have may have visited before or not) to decorate them with a memento of having been on a SNFR and say a few words about each of them – good one for the winter, mainly city centre

Volunteers required.

We have a lot of suggested themes that I am willing to explore and research but I would value it if others organised a ride as well. (If anything happened to me I would like the FNR to continue)

Choose a theme or add one of your own and get back to me at to let me know. I can work with you on it.