Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2017/08/04 The Droppingwell Bridge

Ride report
A magical Sheffield FridayNightRide over the Droppingwell Bridge led by yours truly and Simon G. Being the worst ride leader in the world I have no idea how many came on the ride but I am going to guess 40 riders – anybody do a head count?
14 miles in beautiful evening sunshine with two thumping great hills, and the delight of transgressively cycling past the no-cycling signs to cycle up the beautifully proportioned circular ramp and hang out on the modernist marvel of the Droppingwell Bridge signing pulling on a hooter and waving at drivers and passengers on the M1. These gestures got truck drivers to blast their horns and car drivers and passengers responded by waving back and flashing their lights. Oh the childish performance art of it all!
And the sight of a SFNR peloton raised cheers and chat with bystanders and drivers along the way from the dog walkers on Wincobank Common to the residents of Kimberworth around West Hill and Hill Top. SFNR as spectacle and processional caravan of weirdos.
A rewarding flight down the hill and onto Brinsworth Lock. The full moon rose as the peloton cycled back along the canal, and through the back streets of Attercliffe towards town. We all finished at The Dorothy Pax, a new bar in the Georgian splendour of the canal basin, with authentic pizza and fine craft ales and lots of grinning and chatting as our endorphin rushes turned to glows.
And sincere thx to Simon G for making sure everybody was gathered and repaired as needs be.
Many thx to Richard and Simon at the Dorothy Pax for the subsidised post-ride drink, what a pleasant place for a bar, and many thx to Sunshine Pizza for tasty pizzas served kindly as soon as they cd
So? – anybody do a head count? and pls send photos to here or the SFNR email Ta

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
4 August 2017
The Droppingwell Bridge
Prompt start 6.30pm Sheffield Tap

Theme. The Droppingwell Bridge is a modernist masterpiece that crosses the M1 at Blackburn. It features in the Modernist Guide to Sheffield (designed with Our Favourite Places) and it is an aesthetic delight as well an architectural wonder.
The purpose of the ride is: to visit the bridge; be transgressive by cycling over it (no cycling signs either end); have a childish time waving to the traffic on the M1 (ever do that as a kid?).
In addition we will be taking in the Dan’s Don Sculpture Park, Wincobank Common (an impressive view of the bridge), the lone abandoned trig point on Hill Top, and the 60s wonder of the Tinsley Viaduct.
No pub stop planned until the end when we finish at a new bar The Dorothy Pax at the Canal Basin.

We have a splendid post-ride offer for yr 1st Drink:

½ priced pint  @ £1.50 Good Red/White (175ml)   @ £2.00

In terms of the pizza, its wood fired oven on ash/oak.

Organic Four/Gluten Free/Vegan options available.

Please search Sunshine Pizza on fb/web – it’s the real deal, or nearest outside Naples

Not coming on the ride? – come along and meet up anyway, we should be at the Canal Basin by 9.30 and learn about the two more rides in the pipeline for this year.

If you join in to socialise and eat at the end, it would be great if if you could click on the box in this form