Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2012/02/10 Breweries (since 1900)

SFNR Breweries. Short Ride Report
SFNR can organise a piss-up in a brewery. 60+ on Breweries ride and 60+ in the brewery at the end.
Thanks to all of you who signed up; NOBODY wimped out from ride/tour/food
Very cold, clear night made our lights sparkle – too cold to stop for long to take in the sights; it was all we could to do to keep regrouping
The social ambience was brilliant. .
So many, we didn’t have time to do the last bit of the ride but hey its there on the web for those who want to follow it up some other time.
Check out the map for what you rode past.
Thanks to Richard for leading and thanks to all who helped with road blocking and other bits of marshalling
Hospitality at the Sheffield Brewery was superb – they accommodated extras and nothing fazed them, great bar and the scoff was mega!
Some finished off at the Gardener’s Rest with another couple and I rode home rocket fueled!
If you want to organise a tour check it out – I think £15 pp for tour, pie and peas, and open bar for 3 h.

Fri 10 February 2012 
Start 6.30 pm Barkers Pool

This ride will take place.
If the snow falls Thursday night then we will adjust the route to suit the ground conditions
Friday is forecast to be a nice afternoon and part cloudy evening – but very very cold.
Food is ordered so it will go to waste if we don’t get there – all else fails make your way to the Sheffield Brewery for 8.15!

57 riders have selected for the tour and/or food at the end of the ride – The doodle poll has closed.
The poll choices are still there
Please remind yrself what you have chosen – I’ll have the list with me as well
(I have paid a substantial deposit – the cost of the food; please honour your commitment, thanks)
Bring your money for badge and tour/food- Ta

Weather. Dry and very, very cold. Beware ice later on
Map The next ride now has a route:

View SFNR Breweries ( in a larger map
Heads up!  All on roads (some setts) or paths so should suit any bike except precious ones
Theme: Breweries since 1900. A complex subject to research especially if sampling the product at the same time.  I’ve got a bit more checking to do but I don’t want to know too much.References to breweries can cite any one or all of brewery location, brewery owner’s name, brewery’s name so one needs to cross check (eg The Sheaf Brewery was on Ecclesall Rd/Harrow St, and made Ward’s beer)This ride is close to the city centre and takes in sites of old and new breweries.  Breweries were close to water (as was some of the beer?) so we ‘go along’ the Porter, over to the Sheaf and then up and down along the Don and end up in Neepsend.

The ride finishes at The Sheffield Brewery for those who have opted for the tour (1-1.5h) of the brewery:
The tour will cost £5 pp and that includes two complimentary pints of Sheffield Brewery beer (mine’s a Five Rivers please).
The food will cost £5 pp and the choices were
a. meat (beef) & potato pie + peas b. veg quiche + baked pot and salad

(We can take our bikes down the horse ramp into the 1850s basement for secure parking)

Nearly all of you promise to be honest and honourable and will pay for whatever you commit to.So if you won’t adopt the morals of Robert Maxwell or the dissembling of Nick Clegg then I will trust you.You can bring a friend or have friends join you for the tour with or without food 
Advice: Cycling a bike, drinking two pints of beer and eating a meat and potato pie with peas may be dangerous. Participants are recommended to do one thing at a time