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2019/04/05 Theatres

Theatres ride report: A calm light evening saw 24 nightriders set off from Devonshire Green to The Merlin Theatre in Nether Edge. Our ride curator, Jim Swannack, led us into the refurbed 60s auditorium to tell us the story of The Merlin and his family’s part, and his teenage participation, in it. This beautiful (but underutilised) space was a good prop and location for Jim’s enthusiastic description of the essentials of theatre design and their potential. Jim’s personal story allowed us, the audience, to participate with questions and our own observations and experiences of theatre. I always thought SFNR was a way of replaying and creating autobiography through place and journey and, for me, this SFNR really did that.
Suitable primed we set off to visit The Lantern, the University Drama Studio, Theatre Delicatessen and then to zip into the city centre to visit the sites of several past Sheffield Theatres (some of which went on to become cinemas) where Jim really got us to think by saying that at one time there would be 20,000 Sheffielders going to theatres for variety and shows on a Saturday night – must have been mind-bogglingly packed from Barker Pool to Charles St.
We cycled to Tudor Square for the Library Theatre, Crucible (& Studio), and Lyceum. Our last stop was for the Crucible’s predecessor, The Sheffield Playhouse, on Townhead St where the combination of the night getting chilly and our thirsts growing meant we cycled to Shakespeares on Gibraltar St for post-ride drinks, chat and companionship.
All the info is below if you want to use the map to stroll around to contemplate pre-WWII entertainment.
Well done Jim, it was a cracker.
Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
Friday 5th April 2019
Start 6.30pm Devonshire Green (Prompt start pls as we have to get to The Merlin for 7pm)

All details on The Next Sheffield FNR
Hi folks, sincere apologies for the late notice – I’ve been away and getting over jet lag and resuming domestic duties
Jim has done a sterling job sorting out the next ride whilst Simon and I have been busy with work and leisure.
I’ve always looked forward to a theatres ride and glad Jim has put it together.
Jim’s mum and dad, and an uncle & aunt, started the Merlin Theatre so he grew up with the Merlin Theatre and that is going to be our first stop for an insiders’ visit at 7pm and plenty more stops after that.
The route is here 

It’s about 12km (so not far) and its all on roads and paths – and the first part shd be in the light!
Our last stop is by Shakespeares on Gibraltar St – which is an apt name for a pub on a Theatres trip.
We hope to see an audience of luvvies ready to participate and perform in some cycling and entertaining each other before resting at the end, dahlings!
Again apologies for the delay.