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2013/06/21 Black Diamonds

Ride led by Matt and Simon: A beautiful warm, summer night with a full ‘big’ moon hanging in the sky. About 35 riders – more to follow

Friday 21 June 2013
Black Diamonds
Start 6.30 pm Barkers Pool


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Heads up! all on roads and good condition paths; should suit any bike

Theme: Have you read Black Diamonds? Well worth a read (click on the link to take a dekko at the reviews on the Amazon website)
Ride to locations that were dominated by the Rockinghams then the Fitzwilliams,the family that lived at Wentworth Woodhouse, owned Elsecar, built Hoober Stand and House. So ride in the paths of aristos, royalty, some of the Kennedys, fat controllers, exploited miners and servants, and factory workers. (Black Diamonds – euphemism for coal, which made the family’s fortune huge!)

Recent News on Wentworth Woodhouse
BBC News March 2013

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Documentary: Dan Cruikshank did a series called The Country House Revealed
He did a 1h prog on Wentworth Woodhouse – well worth a watch if you’re interested in the story of how the family’s fortunes changed and the House had to be sold. Told more dispassionately and probably more accurately than the story in the book.

Its in 4 parts on You Tube
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Stubb’s painting Whistlejacket used to hang there and it was briefly displayed at the Mappin Gallery. Its now at the National Gallery