Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2016/07/15 Enclosures

Ride Report
Enclosures ride report. After an exposition from yours truly on enclosures about 25 of us skipped visiting the modern enclosures in town and headed straight for Crookes crossing over the enclosure road of Rockingham St. Simon ably and expertly piloted us all to Bole Hill Park where we were stunned with the views of three river valleys and cd clearly see the enclosed fields in the Loxley Valley. After Steve piloted a rapid descent to Malin Bridge we climbed up through the Wisewood estate and on to Worrall where we turned left to cycle on some enclosure roads in the Loxley Valley. We sped down Long Lane, turned right halfway down to cycle along the contour on Myers Lane (especially fabulous) and finally turned left down West Lane to reach the Nags Head Inn. Missed the time for chips but the beer and the craic was good. After crisps and a drink or two there many of us headed to the Gardeners Rest where the bonhomie continued sitting around the tables in the surreal garden, the open fires were lit, the band, Dogwood Rose, came outside to play and we all had a sing-song.

We had talked about (in all sorts of order) property and theft, riots, dissent, freedom of expression, garrisons, criminalisation, crimes and punishments, voting rights, political democratic rights, freehold, leasehold, foraging, clearances, enclosures, fields, meadows, closes, wastes, social and council housing, right to buy, and more – and we had cycled all that way too

For me it was one of those magical nights of comradeship, love of our city and cycling on new-to-us roads with stunning views, spectacular skies and benign weather. Thanks to all who made it.

Sheffield FridayNightRide
15 July 2016
Start 6.30pm Barkers Pool

Since feudal times the commons have been steadily taken by the Crown and Parliament from the people and given to the landed gentry. In the late twentieth century public utilities and their assets were appropriated by Parliament and sold on the stock market as private companies and public housing and further and higher education was sold into private and corporate ownership. In the early twenty-first century Parliament has allowed public assets of health and education to be stripped from local authorities and public ownership and leased to private companies and even social housing not owned by LAs will be made “right-to-buy”. We trust you have spotted a pattern here. A ride to enclosures and around enclosures and talk about appropriation of common assets.


Ride with gps

I am still learning stuff (eg like, enclosure roads (?) were built so the hoi polloi cd travel across the enclosures. Rockingham St is one) – and I am pretty gobsmacked by the arrogant, heartless thieving of the Dukes of Norfolk over the centuries.
The ‘sort of’ plan is we will start in town​, visiting C20th and C21st enclosures incl the boundary of the New Retail Quarter
and then travel out across C18th enclosed land to view some C18th and C19th field enclosures in the Loxley Valley (pub stop at the Nags Head) and come back into town to finish at the Gardener’s Rest – and every school you pass, every hospital you pass, every bit of land occupied by HE or FE, every patch that has utilities or transport is now “enclosed”, i.e. we used to own it; but now we don’t. What are we going to do about it? Angry emoji on facebook?

Heads up! The usual; pls bring Lights and Locks, and a spare inner tube. Dress appropriately