Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

Rules of the Sheffield FNR

FridayNightRide is a sociable type of urban riding but it does also have a feel of performance art.  Bystanders and pedestrians look incredulous as the peloton swooshes by and they often feel the need to shout and yell encouragement or threats – mostly mixed with obscenities in either case.  Sheffield drivers are perplexed, and often annoyed – infuriated even, when they have to share the road with us, (however as there is now usually at least about 40 of us then we get respect as road users).  So FNR is a mild form of lunacy.

  1. You ride at your own risk.
  2. Respect the road – so no riding like you’ve got a grudge against humanity.
  3. Don’t harrass other road users and peds.
  4. Take the ride leader’s mobile number just in case! and if you want to peel off make sure your companions know where they are going
  5. Remember ABC. Make sure you have air in yr tyres, yr brakes work, and yr chain and gears work OK. Please bring a spare inner tube so any puncture fixing is quick. If you can afford it invest in good quality tough tyres, e.g. Schwalbe Marathons
  6. Always bring lights! Even in the middle of summer, it WILL be dark before you want to leave – ooh!, and bring a lock as well!

Top tips for riding in a group

  • Don’t get too close to riders in front of you – unless road racing!
  • Keep your fingers resting on your brake levers
  • Look around and back before turning or stopping
  • On the road try and keep to no more than two riders abreast
  • Go down to single file on narrow roads and blind bends
  • When dropping back or overtaking tell other riders what you’re doing

Don’t ride like this!!


Disclaimer: Sheffield Friday Night Ride has public liability and third party insurance cover under the auspices of CycleSheffield, which is an affiliated member of the CTC: Membership no. 90051286

Cycling on public roads carries risk. Only fit and experienced riders should take part. No-one under the age of 16 should take part unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Ride leaders carry first aid kit and some tools. People are free to join and leave the ride as they see fit, so treat the proposed routes as unsupported, you should study and print your own map and be prepared for any eventualities as if travelling alone. All persons riding to and from the routes described do so entirely at their own risk.

We recommend that all cyclists have 3rd party liability insurance. You can obtain this by joining CycleSheffield, £6,and then becoming an affiliated member of the CTC, £16, – for an individual this would cost a total of £22.00. Alternatively you can join CTC as a full member – this costs £39 and gives you a wider range of CTC benefits.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains!”