Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2014/06/20 Riding the 1864 Sheffield Flood

Hi Folks

This FridayNightRide was deep joy for most of us. I’ll get some photos together.
Thanks to Bridget for all the hard work in the research Just under 60 of us in the end but dark clouds because we lost some people.
The advice is to take a map (that is why I put them up) and the ride leaders’ phone number – but we were in an area with no reception
I also must apologise.
I was v happy at The Nag’s Head and didn’t come home until late; long after most people had gone and I think some expected to be led back. Sorry
I think we probably need at least a backstop now, rides are averaging 35-40

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
Friday 20 June 2014
Riding the 1864 Sheffield Flood​
​Start 6.30 pm University Concourse Western Bank

​​Friday 20 June – Bike Week, longest Friday of the year and SFNR’s 6th birthday!

On 10 July 2009 15 nightriders joined an impromptu SFNR (the weather was great) to ride the Sheffield Flood. Here is the ride report It was a beautiful evening and we just went out and back more or less on the same route. Lots of info about the flood on that page. (In the early 80s when I lived in Peterborough a colleague from Hull used to say, “…once in a Sheffield Flood …” as a way of expressing an infrequent event. We thought he was making it up.)

The Ride Curator is Bridget Strong and she has been researching about the Flood so come and get your info at the spot.

This time, and now 150 yrs after the 1864 Sheffield Flood, we will commemorate the flood again but incorporate a bit of the TdF Stage 2 route ​(in reverse)
​W​e ride out over Walkley down to Malin Bridge, and then climb up through Wisewood, & Wadsley to Worrall to turn towards High Bradfield, where we then ride round the tops above Agden reservoir to take the road towards Strines before we turn and drop down to Bradfield Dale Dyke, the dam that burst soon after it was completed​ in 1864.
This area is Sheffield’s own Lake District

From front to back Agden, Dale Dyke and Strines

From front to back Agden, Dale Dyke and Strines

and you will also catch the view of Sheffield that will be the first view of Sheffield for the TdF peloton.
1st view of Sheffield for TdF peloton

1st view of Sheffield for TdF peloton

We can check out the memorial plaque and then ride as a torrent of cyclists along the path the floodwaters took down through Low Bradfield, alongside Damflask, through Loxley, then Hillsborough to turn right to follow the Don to Kelham Island where we shall stop.

Weather: Bit changeable eh? At the moment showers forecast for this Friday evening. I’ll keep an eye on the forecasts – if it looks v bad then I will call it off by midday on the day. (Barnsley FridayNightRide on the 13th was washed out with rain like monsoons which were forecast v late).

Heads up! Just over 20 miles. Lot of climbing on this ride but most of it is steady with punctuations of little steeper bits. But the views are fantastic and if we get the curlews out again like on the recce then it really is well worth it. So once at Malin Bridge its a steady climb all the way to Bradfield Cross then a bit of down into High Bradfield and up again and once we start the descent onto Bradfield Dale Dyke its down hill all the way back for the last 9 miles. Some of the roads have been recently “Streets Aheaded” and are fabulous. And some of the roads are not “Streets Aheaded” and are dreadful so warnings will be given. We are in the countryside and riding in the evening; plenty of midges etc so eyeware and riding with yr mouth shut recommended. We won’t be going down Holme Lane (!tramtracks!) but will be using a potential cycle path and then a short cut through one side of the barracks (Morrisons). Bring a spare inner tube, LIGHTS and LOCKS.

Refreshments: None planned until we get to The Nags Head (the Bradfield Brewery tap)​ on Loxley Rd (my fave with all beers at £2 per pint). Went in the other night when doing the recce and they will do some bowls of chips for us to go with the beer we drink; I just have to phone/text through how many of us. We may have to pay for them so just get yr money out. Finish at hostelries of yr choice in Kelham Island – I’ll be stopping at the Gardeners Rest in Neepsend, good bike parking and music.

Map showing original planned route using Holme Lane

Map showing route avoiding Holme Lane

Badge design:
1864 Flood

Ride Curator is Bridget Strong

When we have done that we will have completed 70 FridayNightRides since June 2008 – no one person has done all of them and there has only been one ride so far when the peloton did not include anybody new to SFNR