Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2012/10/12 Phlegm

Ride report
Phlegm ride on Friday. 46 nightriders, many attracted by the specific topic, again many newbies, wonderful bonhomie amongst us, great range of bikes, beautiful night to be cycling and dry and cool for viewing too especially by torch and bike light, positive reactions from onlookers and drinkers in pubs, warm welcome at Archipelago Works, Rupert gave a good intro before we set off and Greg was on form enthusiastically curated the tour throughout, stimulating subject matter, got in after 1, thick head on Saturday; only another night’s sleep will made me better! The weekend started here. Longer report to follow when I have more time – any photos? I’ve got some but if you have any to send back pls do soWe had a great ride last Friday viewing Phlegm’s work.

Overheard conversation:
“Why does he do it? Who’s going to see it here?”

“Well we are; we’re here”

Video taken at Wadsley on Limehouse Cottage Lane

Photos to follow

Sheffield FridayNightRide
Friday 12 October 2012
Start 6.30 pm, Archipelago Works, Sidney St

Heads up! The route is on roads and paths so should suit any bike. Tough tyres always a good idea (in Sheffield) and bring lights and a lock

Route: Starting in downtown Sheffield we drift over to the Wicker then through Shalesmoor and Neepsend before cycling up to Hillsborough and Wadsley and back to Shalesmoor (pub stop here?) and then up through town to the west side, as far as Sharrow and then back into town to finish at The Rutland. Just under 14 miles. Plenty of pub stops when we get back into town. Haven’t had time yet but I am going to attach pictures to the POIs on the map.

View Phlegm ( in a larger map

What to wear: If we have time to get them together some of us may be in Phlegm costume – intrigued? get back to me if you want to join in.
This ride is lightweight urbex [1] and does involve some ‘.. and entering’ of derelict and disused premises. [The ‘breaking’ part has already been done so we don’t force entry anywhere] The smallest gap is the bottom missing door panel of an ordinary door – even a lardarse like Mick could get in but you will have to crawl. So wear something you don’t mind getting messed up and bring a torch if you want or a head torch but balaclavas are unnecessary – or you can just wait outside listening to the gasps of awe and admiration.

Background: This is a ride to see streetworks by the Sheffield artist Phlegm. He is a Sheffielder and started marking on walls here and now he is nationally and internationally renowned and sought – he is very in demand.
The sites on this ride are not exhaustive of all his work in Sheffield but they make a good ride with some activity involved.
We know we have missed some but any we have missed email Mick at and we will mark them up.
Thanks to Greg for working on this ride – he’s the curator – and Rupert at Archipelago Works for his support.
We emailed Phlegm and he sent us a message (below), so enjoy his work on the ride (I think of Hieronymous Bosch when I see his work) and he also sent an original picture for us to use on a badge – deep joy!

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away a lot lately so I’m a fair bit behind with my emails. I’ve attached a picture you may like?

If you still need help with locations let me know. Most of my work in sheff is a bit dated now. I’d say the main ones to include are the big robot i painted on limestone cottage lane and the serpent near the greyhound tracks. Also the ones in the burnt out gym in myers grove lane are good still. There are fences around the site but the owner is cool with people going in to look as long as the fence is put back as it was.

I’m not sure if i can help with much background for the actual work i do. I like to leave things open to interpretation and leave a bit of mystery around the work. If you have any questions i can try and help.


Badge: Come on the ride and wear an original Phlegm

Apologies for the delay in getting stuff together – been rather busy

[1] Urbex – go and have a look at and search for Sheffield there’s some great stuff going on I loved

And some psychedelia to get you in the night-ride mood Tomorrow, My White Bicycle from 1967 (White bicycles were in the news because the anarchist Provos in Amsterdam had left them all over the city as free transport)