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2012/11/16 Countries of the World

Countries of the World Ride report
Starting with a full view of The Globe we then cycled in fits and starts past China, Brazil, India, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Cuba, Japan, Scotland, Gibraltar, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Canada, Jamaica, Israel, then as we got to the Arena, Mick had a puncture so we took a ‘weird’ break at Carbrook Hall (where the Stuarts meet Sheffielders) and then on to Greenland, by which time the mizzle that had started had turned to drizzle and was getting heavier. We agreed to head to the Sheaf View so we took in Chile, Bangla Desh, Belgium, and our final country was Denmark, as we descended out of Arbourthorne into Heeley and dropped into the Sheaf View. I think the drizzle and our thirst had concentrated our minds and I really enjoyed the ride from Greenland to Denmark through the back streets of Darnall, Manor Park, and Arbourthorne with its climb, fall, climb, fall. Incredulous passers-by by were told we were on the Tour de France but had lost our way. And a lot of us made it to the pub as well.
Who did a head count? I estimate about 25 of us at most and we lost one soul who got punctures on both wheels in Attercliffe. Denmark to Iceland and then onwards another time. About 15 miles and a wonderful bonhomie – good stuff! Maybe a leisurely day ride
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Countries of the World
Friday 16 November 2012 (postponed 9/11/12)
Start 6.30 pm The Globe on Howard St

WEATHER TONIGHT: cloudy, may be rain – bring a waterproof. If it gets really heavy we’ll cut it short and finish another day
Many enterprises, mainly restaurants and cafes, are associated with a particular country or continent through their products and services. So we could ride past as many ‘countries’ and ‘continents’ as we could find or know about across town obviously India, Thailand, Pakistan, Italy, France, Spain, Kurdistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Africa, USA, Cyprus, Greece and of course The Globe Works! Anyway a good one that all nightriders could help with with their local knowledge.
So how many countries in the world? 193 in the UN, 195 recognised by the US, 196 if one includes Taiwan, and 205 nations took part in the 2012 Olympics.

How many in Sheffield? – you tell me and we’ll put a ride together over the next two/three weeks for the 9th November.
So my start would be the US could be Yankees, Italy could be Nonna’s or Bragazzi’s, Pakistan could be the Mangla, India could be Nirmals, Yad bakers on Spital Hill is Kurdistan/Iraq, masses of Chinese, Pho 68 on London Rd is Vietnamese (I think?). Habibi on the Wicker is Lebanese and so on
We could start/finish at The Globe Works (geddit?) on Shalesmoor

Thanks for the feedback

I think we’ve got approx 40 countries plus a couple of universals (eg Empire Rd, Globe Works)
The map is here

View Countries of the World ( in a larger map

what route? my suggestion below
what’s yr suggestion?

I’ve squinted at it (and Greenland and Iceland seem to have moved quite a way apart …)

Town ride around inside inner ring rd then exit up Wicker and Spital Hill to Pitsmoor, over to Attercliffe then through Park to Heeley, Meersbrook, Woodseats, then Neter Edge, Highfields, Sharrow, over to Ranmoor, Crookes, Walkley down to Shalesmoor to finish at the Globe Works if we haven’t stopped by then – plenty of pubs to call a stop in, we may not get past The Blake at the end (or the Hillsborough Hotel)

It could be a long ride, so hoping its a cool night, you won’t have gone all over the world but you would certainly have been round the houses

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