Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2014/07/04 Dressing the urban route of Stage 2 of the TdF

Ride report: well we did it! over 3 nights and one day 8-9 mles of route and it looked good Photos etc to follow
Abut 20 of us on Wednesday, 30 on Thurday and 3–40 on Friday with a team of about 8 putting up yellow bicycles on the Friday during the day

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide​
Friday 4 July 2014
​Start 6.30 pm Herries Rd off Hillsborough Roundabout​ (there’s a big space we can assemble in, I’ll be there)
Route Dressing

I am fed up to the back teeth with people complaining about too much or too little coverage or not the right coverage of the TdF,
bemoaning road closures, wailing about cyclists and so on.
Let’s get out on the route through Southey, Parkwood Springs, Burngreave, Newhall, Grimesthorpe, Wincobank & Attercliffe
and tie gold/yellow ribbon around every post we can find on the TdF route
(one of our original suggestions to SCC)

Bring SCISSORS & enthusiasm – and if you have some yellow ribbon/yellow tape. I’m bringing 60 rolls of yellow tape – 1.5km in all.

We need to be lots of people – we had 60 last ride – can we get that together; let’s do it and show we want it

Heads up! we’re going up Jenkin Rd


Refreshments: Let’s finish at The Wentworth on Attercliffe Common at entrance to Forgemasters, newly renovated pub and sound a good place to try; I’ll do a recce.