Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2008/07/18 Public Art I

heavy-plant1Sheffield FridayNightRide

Friday 18 July 2008

Public Art in Sheffield city centre

Meet 6.30 Barkers Pool

Finish Late – bring lights!

 Join a bike ride from the city centre to the Botanic Gdns, Weston Park and back and around the city centre to view and enjoy the large number of art works in parks, streets, on walls and buildings with social stops on the way!!

This was the second Sheffield FNR.   I didn’t do maps and stuff but I did have a route and took it with me.  Being anal I had it on disc and here it is with what to see besides it.  I’ve recreated the route on Google maps and the link is

Barkers Pool – benches, bollards, fountains, bins, war memorial

The Moor poem in the road

Moorfoot mural, sculpture, gates

LondonRd Jarvis Cocker lyrics, Mural, Locarno ballroom

Cemetery Rd, Sculpture outside Greens

Wards brewery vi Waitrose hops, hops and barley

Park after the Vine railings,

Pomona St Bow works gates, back of Norwich Union

Botanic Gdns Pan, bear, frogs and sapawn, dinosaur footprints

Broomhill  Weston Park Hospital sculpture

Mushroowm Lane Ponderosa Gates

Weston Park and MuseumSykes, bandstand, war memorial, Elliot gates university end

Firth Court escutcheons

Hallamshire Ars Longa vita brevis

Glossop Rd to Jessops – window decorations

Mapping st Mappin building, RNIB gone!

West st Tiger works  Carver St gates on the chapel/walkabout

Divison St back to Fountain precinct horse and rider

Leopold St and Leopold St Buildings with bas-reliefs for Firth College

Church St Cutlers hall, cathedral

Campo lane, bank st – steelworker mural, markets entrance arch, sculpture on coop building

Castle Sq griffins, railings, rams

Fitzalan Sq Edward VII, Little Mesters

Pond St to sstion via Eric Mensforth Building and its gates

Station Sq

Paternoster row up to Rutland, Arundel St back via Heavy plant sculpture to Shu sq with sculpture and water features – mural of vultures

Over to Surry St library walking man Tudor Sq, Boulsover plaque round Lyceum to stage door

Norfolk Row up chaple walk – hancock galleries

Yourkshire bank back to Unitarian chapel Fullard sculpturesx

Town Hall and Peace Gdns

Down division st to Devonshire green past fire station  and then over to the Bath Inn

 Ride report.  I never did one for this ride.  I think six or seven of us turned up and we took a halfway stop in the Bath Inn from which only three emerged to try and finish the ride which ended in cool drizzle – yuk!