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March 8th, 2011 Posted 7:00 pm

SFNR  on Quarry Hill, Redmires; The Sheffield Pals Sep '14

“To me a bicycle is a machine of magic … taking me on to the ways of satisfied happiness; giving to me the good friendship I enjoy with others, and to share with me the delights and ecstasies of the outdoors. It gives to me the pleasures of mingling the past with the present … always discovering … always learning. Above all it gives to me also, memories to cherish and store inwardly, as I wheel my ways on joyous days … such a day has been today.” Albert Winstanley 1917-2012

Planning and riding a SFNR makes me think and these thoughts can sometimes be profound. I re-read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle recently. I found my perfect motto or aphorism for SFNR
“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God” Book of Bokonon

The new 2014-2015 season is now planned. See the proposals at Future Sheffield FNR page, but take note, these plans may change so get on the email list ( or like the fb page

New regular FNR The Yoga ride in Nov 2015 was a treat. People wanted more. We are putting on a trial of 4 monthly Yoga Rides. The ride is free the yoga has a price. You can book for all 4 sessions or for whichever ones suit you. Starting Fri 9 Jan 2015. You can see the dates, the times, the route, the Yoga school and book at The Sheffield Yoga FNR

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
Christmas Jumper Ride
Friday 12 December 2014
Meet 6.00 pm for free mince pies and mulled wine courtesy of the Andy and all who work at the Giant bike store, Queens Rd/Asline Rd, secure bike parking available

Heads up! You will need:
* a lock, lights, spare tube;
* a Xmas decorated bike: light up your bike with some LED Xmas lights – in the shops (eg B&Q, Wilkos) now, got mine the other day;
* Xmas clothing, eg jumper, decorated bike jacket, Santa hat or why not put some tinsel in your bike helmet? make yourself a spectacle and you won’t need the high-viz;
* cash so bring some £1 coins – you’re going to have to give a little;
* a box/tin/packet of home-made or bought scoff eg flapjack, cake, gingerbread, stollen etc;
* a food donation for Grace Foodbank, eg item of dried/tinned food or some toiletries
Theme: enjoying and giving!

Get all the story of this ride and the details on Next Sheffield FNR by beg of Oct

Meanwhile to keep you smiling why not watch this video of Groningen Cycling City
and then join CycleSheffield so you can make the dream come true here in the UK

Cycle Maintenance classes throughout the year
The ever-popular ReCycleBikes cycle maintenance classes are now revised and bookable here
If you know what you’re doing and want a stand to work on, in the dry with good tools and expert advice on hand then you can do that in the bike kitchen

I think Edinburgh Bike Coop and Evans also offer bike maintenance classes so contact them for details

Learn how to use the

Private Eye No. 1326 Lance Armstrong Puncture Repair outfit

Sheffield Cycle Jumble – May and October, book early if you want to have a table; it gets busy and is a great event to go to
Mark’s contact details are on the poster if you want to book a table.

More Rides
I get ride info sent to me from time to time and if you want to get out on your bikes more then …
don’t forget to look on these sites: local CTC site; the Sheffield Clarion Cycling Club;, the Steel City Riders; Ride Sheffield; Sheffield Shopper Society; No Balls Biking; Sheffield Women’s Cycling – see side bar Other Sheffield Rides for all these.

Should SFNR have an anthem? – this is a great tune about liberty and joy for us to hum and la la la as we pedal

The Times Cities fit for cycling Click on this logo, check out what it says, sign up if you want to. I know its News International, obviously linked to News Corp who sponsor all that cycling through SKY; but I think this is genuinely felt – shock that a colleague ordinarily commuting to work can be seriously injured through poor vehicle design and driver behaviour.

Cheer yourself up before the next ride – take a dekko at this

Fraternal/Sororal Rides: There used to be a London FridayNightRide (where I was inducted into the experience) sadly no more. If any body knows of another FNR like this one – there are other FNRs which cycle to the coast and all that kind of stuff but we are not into distance or endurance or power (I think we are in it for the joy of social urban riding and being a tourist in your own backyard) then I could maybe see if any other FNR wants to do a fraternal/sororal ride sometime in Sheffield and vice-versa.

“FridayNightRiders of the World Unite!”


“We have nothing to lose but our chains!”

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