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we have nothing to lose but our chains

2019/06/21 The Full Monty (reprise)

Ride report: About 30 ppl turned up on a warm sunny solstice night at Burton St School.  Nightrider Stuart Ritson had got us access to the dole queue room so most people had a look at this internal location used in The Full Monty.Mick blathered on about how much Burton St was used as a location and that this use in the film had helped save the site from demolition – it’s now the home of the Burton St Foundation and doing good work.  We set off.And the speaker, on the back of Mick’s bike, bluetoothed to his tablet in his pannier blasted out the film’s soundtrack for the rest of the ride.  Good to cycle to the beat! Then the peloton set off into the Don Valley across the Don and up into Parkwood Springs where the streets and open spaces of the razed suburb were used for a lot of the external locations (eg suicide scene, some keep fit, running and footie).  24 yrs later the trees, shrubs and vegetation have changed the aspect altogether.From there it was a drop and a climb over Pitsmoor to descend to Fir Vale to see the old cinema on Idsworth Rd which was the external location of the club.  We had a friendly and bemused greetings from the residents of Fir Vale as we rhythmically cycled past and out to Darnall via Owler Lane, Carlisle St and Newhall Rd. (NB we didn’t go up to Shiregreen because the club used for the internal location of the club is now closed and fenced off; rumoured to be demolished and turned over to housing. Boo!).Disused factories on Darnall Rd were used as locations and from there it was a shortish ride via the cycle paths to ride along Woodbourn Rd and Worthing Rd to get to Bacon Lane where the canal scene was shot.Most of us then got back to The Dorothy Pax to enjoy drinks together outside in the sun before fewer of us went in to watch the film projected silently with subtitles and our interest was piqued by matching shots to where we had been.a good way to commemorate the first even SFNR.

LONGEST FRIDAY OF THE YEAR – sunny, warm-ish, nice tour, great bar at the end, film on the wall and a great soundtrack that we shd have playing on one of the bikes. GET ALONG!! The ride starts at 6.30pm but IF YOU WANT TO SEE to see the ‘dole queue’ room inside Burton St THEN GET THERE NO LATER than 6.15pm!! Thx to Stuart Ritson Weather forecast – very good, Next Sheffield FridayNightRide Friday 21st June 2019The Full MontyStart 6.30pm Burton St S6 2HH (Prompt)


Hi folks, Theme: Longest day of the year and we are doing a reprise of the first ever SFNR held in 2008: The Full Monty The route visits many of the locations in the film starting at Burton St, used for external shots of Nathan’s school and internal shots of the job centre, job club, the dance class, Gerald’s job interview etc Then we cycle (and climb) via other locations to Shiregreen Working Men’s Club where the final scene was filmed (should get in for a quick one at the bar)  and then we descend to Darnall (factory scenes) and the canal at Bacon Lane, where the early scene with Gaz balancing on a dumped car, was shot. We finish at the Dorothy Pax where the film will be projected onto the walls (with sub-titles) so we can watch the film and listen to the soundtrack. I love this clip: Reyt Sheffield lasses!! And you can keep your hats on!     A v successful film, both critically & financially and it gave some actors’ film careers a real kickstart. I found it put Sheffield on the map internationally during the late 90s. Its interesting to watch it again and look at how our city has changed over the last, nigh on, 25 yrs and to think about what could be meant by a gig economy!   Map with all the locations we could find Up!  Mostly on roads.  Hills. Bring spare inner tube, lights and locks. Dress for your destination not the ride   Soundtrack: Put it on yr gadget and bring it with you if you want.