Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2013/09/20 Sweets

Ride report
Monster number, seventy, 70, seven-oh, of us, biggest SFNR ever, logistical and H&S worry but we got there, many thanks to Jez for being ‘tail-end charlie’ and the people who took the responsibility to lead small groups along the canal from Meadowhall to R’hm Town Centre, Congtas to all,; nobody fell in. Soft, fuzzy, pale full moon above the horizon guiding us on and a fine welcome from the sozzled citizens of Rotherham. We ascended to the sweetshop like a very well mannered plague of locusts and drank them dry and picked all the sweets off the shelves!

A lovely ride back in a mild, clear night, with a dash through Brinsworth (did we miss the dogging?) and then a swift pelt through Europa Park where it was just amazing to see such a massive group of riders enjoying a brisk orderly promenade along some very fine roads into Attercliffe and then the usual routes back to the Tap. Loved the ‘pub’ on the corner of Bacon Lane which isn’t a pub but we were still invited in for a drink! Oh and the informal car club on Blast Lane cheering us through – I always thought riding a bike was a bit of a performance!

I sent this message to the sweet shop:
Thanks from each and every one of the seventy (70!) fridaynightriders who availed themselves of your drinks, purchased your sweets and generally had a good time. In the pub, at the end, it was a massive sweet swap. And everybody loved your emporium and voted the whole thing one of the best rides of our 63 rides so far.

and they got back to us
You are most welcome, it was a pleasure! We loved having you, a really lovely bunch of people. If you ever want to come again your more than welcome, we will have a few more ‘hands to the pumps!’

Friday 20 September 2013
Start 6.30 pm Sheffield Tap, outside Sheffield Station

A chance for you to join CycleSheffield and ride to celebrate the newly paved cycle path (hooray!) from Sheffield City Centre to Rotherham town centre. There we shall visit the The Whistlestop Sweet Shop & Temperance Bar to watch sweets being made, sugar fruit being blown and refresh ourselves with Mocktails and Cordials! (There’s a Wetherspoons across the street if you want to sling a voddy in that). Return via Brinsworth and the Europa Park “race track”.

The drinks etc menu is available here and here (Sorry can’t scan it to show Mocktail combos, you’ll have to come along to find out!)

Route: Fairly flat just over 16 miles and virtually 8 miles there and 8 miles back. If knackered you can get a train from Rotherham back to Sheffield.

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Heads up! All on roads and paths very short sections of unpaved but firm path. Cycle paths or roads on Europa Park are good for a spin. Should suit any bike.
We are going to the Whistle Stop Sweet Shop and Temperance Bar