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SHF Urban Hikes

SHF Urban Hikes
If you are interested in doing these hikes as a group activity then pls get back to me. Ta
I would like to get some advice about the hikes and whether there are others who want to do them
email me at

I first saw the term “urban hiking” in November 2015 in the Guardian. I was intrigued, thinking, “What is this about; is this another hipster trend? And does it link with my interest in travelling and touring in one’s own backyard?” So I Googled and read some of the websites (see webliography below)

The name urban hiking was coined about 12yrs ago in the US. People wanted a hike, close to where they lived or worked, which was more than a stroll and involved some climbing. The climbing would imitate the exercise involved in hiking hills. Being close to home or work would not involve too much time travelling to the start or from the finish of the hike. A hike could be fitted in before or after work or at lunchtime.

Urban hiking is simply walking or hiking around a city or town. If you want to do a hike that ascends and descends you can – and in Sheffield unless you walk up and down the Don Valley you don’t really get much choice about climbing. Sheffield doesn’t just have hills outside it, the entire city is built on hills.

Urban hiking can start from your front door. Urban hiking can take place close to frequent and regular public transport, so you can hike somewhere and take public transport home and vice-versa. Urban hiking is likely to have shops and eateries near by so you have access to refreshments and toilets. Urban hiking can take you on a trip across parks and green spaces, along alleys and through shortcuts, to viewpoints and points of interest that you have never experienced. Think you know your town? Urban hiking can render the familiar unfamiliar.

Let’s take an example, SHF Urban Hike Arbourthorne & Sky Edge

This is a city centre hike, it starts and finishes at the railway station. It involves climbing up and down stairs, hiking through green spaces, by historical and cultural points of interest and to some of the best viewpoints of the city. It starts and finishes at the railway station, you could walk up and catch the tram back or catch the tram up and walk back down. If you are, or become, familiar with the area then you could adapt it as you see fit, e.g shorten it to make a lunchtime walk or run. The route is just over 4.5 miles in all. If you stop to chat and sightsee then it is estimated it will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

I haven’t written a detailed guide but if you want a guide to Sheffield then I recommend you start with the Pevsner Guide to Sheffield (usually in stock at the city-centre Waterstones) and you can always prepare or reflect by searching places on Google. I have used the original spelling of Sky Edge. I think it was gentrified or rebranded to Skye Edge by someone in the Council in the 80s.

About 2010 The Sheffield Publicity Department was reincarnated by a couple of guys at University of Sheffield. They had a very playful, psychogeographic take on the city and their Arbourthorne webpage is witty and fun with things to do and alternatives for getting to and from the Arbourthorne viewpoint. You can download and print off the leaflet.

Entire route covered by OS map Explorer 278

Heads up! Mostly on paved paths but there is one section across Manor Oaks Fields so ‘stout’ footwear good.
Do it during the daytime and the cafe in Norfolk Park will be open.
Lovely on a clear night as the city sparkles beneath you.
Take a torch at night, Manor Oaks Fields has no lighting.
Sheffield weather can be capricious so take a waterproof, and whatever else you may want or need, in a rucksack.

Polite request: Pls do not use this text or map for profit. Thanks

I have walked and plotted another five SHF Urban Hikes so far.
Most of them involve a climb to a good viewpoint of the city.
If you are interested in doing these hikes as a group activity then pls get back to me. Ta
I would like to get some advice about the hikes and whether there are others who want to do them.
email me at

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