Sheffield FridayNightRide

we have nothing to lose but our chains

2015/07/31 Abracadabra!

Ride report to follow – just to say it was magic!

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
Fri 31 July 2015
Start: 6.30 pm Assemble in Science Park opp Cooper Building, Arundel St

Route: Not decided precisely but we have selected some possible spaces or amphitheatres in the city for one or two tricks to be performed at.

The spaces have been selected so we can gather to be entranced as a collective audience by the trick and the aspect of our city. So we ride somewhere, assemble, appreciate some tricks, move on somewhere else, repeat until Simon has run out of tricks … only joking Simon!
A definite route will be up by the morning of the ride
Heads up! Bring lights and locks. All on Sheffield roads or paths; make sure you have tough tyres and bring a spare inner tube. You may bring a wand, wear a magician’s cloak etc Fezes to wear at approx £2 each.
SFNR_2015-07-31 abracadabra