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2018/04/20 Bounded Infinity III

Ride Report.
Thx to all who came on the Bounded Infinity Ride – I estimate 35 of us, give or take. And thx to the folks who were the back-markers and the sweeps.
Right weather for it, ppl were in the mood for it and many found new perspectives and new places even if they have been here most of their lives. We cd map our Sheffield lives against our trip through the city. We stopped after 2h twisting and turning having nearly covered 12 miles – but hey the map is on the website if you want to finish the ride. Great afters @ The Dorothy Pax (I always like leading ppl through the late 30s Edward St Flats – which I always like to think of as a municipal homage to Karl Marx Hof in Vienna!)

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Bounded Infinity III
​20 April 2018
Start 6.30 prompt @ The Dorothy Pax in the Canal Basin

Finish approx 9pm: @ The Dorothy Pax with food CHANGE OF PLAN – PIZZAS INSTEAD of curries, NO NEED TO ORDER ​and, of course, drink (beers at £3 per pint + wine, spirits, soft and hot drinks also available)
​and pizzas available b4 the ride if you want too!

What is this?
A theme we have explored before, twice. The notion of an infinitely long non-repeating route (well, 16 miles) inside a finite boundary, the inner-ring road.
So a bit mathematical if you like that sort of thing
if you don’t then it’s a route similar to the first one seven years ago when I wrote, “Forty of us followed a route that twisted, turned, rose, and fell through the inner city from glitz to gloom; commerce to industry; derelict to opulent; shops to housing; populated to desolate.”
I’ve done a recce and I felt my own Sheffield story was layered in the urban landscape and the map. Ride and relive your own Sheffield autobiography on this ride.

Route: its just over 16 miles (could be extended but that’s probs enough). You never travel on the same section of path in the same direction twice. That’s the one minimalist rule.

Use the cursor to follow the route
Some roads still with potholes, some going the ‘wrong’ way, some pavement riding and kerb-hopping
Bring lights and locks!

Help! I need supporting riders who can carry the route in their heads or on a gadget so that if the ride breaks up then we can get joined up again. We will be passing each other, crossing over each other’s paths and breaking up. I’ve put gathering pts in the ride – but when does that ever work 100%? I’ll be leading at the front and will have the map in my head – concentrate, Mick
Volunteers pls get back to me, thx

Ride report from Bounded Infinity I

2011/03/18 Bounded Infinity