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2013/12/13 Ligging it in Your Xmas Jumper

Ride report About 40 at the start, lights!, hats!, jumpers!, generous hospitality at Giant, a warm family welcome in Meersbrook – and nearly £20 in donations to SCF, sedate ride to Dore (with an annoying bit of drizzle), Abbeydale Park Rise looked magnificent – and I think the display has got bigger – seemed to be the entire street, except for a few bah-humbugs.

People in a car were looking at us, the kids in the back entranced, and the window came down, I said, “Do you work together putting this up,; we cycle up here every year to enjoy it?” and she said,” No idea love, we’ve come to see the lights like you. You lot look brilliant!”

So I told her what we were up to and said go to our website and find out how to give to SCF. Came out of Dore on a leafy muddy bridleway down to Dore station and back to Abbeydale, which was fun.

Stopped at the Alehouse, a couple came out and just stared mesmerised by all the lit bikes, asked what we were up to and owned up to being too pissed to text so gave their bus fare, £4, to me for SCF and said they would walk home.

By the time we got inside the inner ring road there were two of us, most having stayed in the Alehouse and a lunatic taxi driver on on Fitzwilliam St undertook us as we were turning right onto Devonshire Green by driving up the pavement and when we caught up with him to tell him what we had done and took photos of his number, he threatened to knock us down next time – one for 101 and the licensing committee.

I got to the Blues night and one other rider who ad dropped out earlier and gone on his own was there but we were not alone. SaxBob had real ales, nice burgers and a good band, The Slingshots, and a crowd. Wonderful mix of a group of re-incarnated teddy boys shuffling about and and some fabulous joyous jiving and lindy hop from some youngsters in their 20s.

I got home by 1

Give again Text TEAMSFNR 70050

Seasons Greetings!

anybody got any photos?

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Ligging it in your Christmas Jumper
Friday 13 December 2013
Meet Giant bike store, 6.00 pm for free mince pies and mulled wine

The theme of this ride is ligging it for Yule – and we can support Save The Children, carry on reading …

We start by ligging it at the mince pies and mulled wine welcome to the Giant bike store reception, then when replete
we can lig it by reviving the tradition of visiting our friends, Claire and Darren at 41 Meersbrook Rd, to see the festive lights display on their house,
enjoy another pie or bit of flapjack and a fruit juice before we set off to lig it gawping for ‘free’ at the lights on Abbeydale Park Rise, in Dore.

View Ligging it for Christmas Jumper Day in a larger map
Suitably enchanted we can head back to town at a pace straight along Abbeydale Rd, stop for a bag of chips (nice!) if you want at the Abbey Friar at Millhouses
then into town to head for CADS in Smithfield
where SaxBob, who always seems to be in the pubs we end up in and has chatted to me about putting a music event on on a SFNR night,
has invited us to a

Blues night with band, bbq and real ale bar for just £6 (cash at the door, flyer below)

and he will organise a secure internal bike park.

We can all get down to the blues whilst looking ridiculous
Friday 13 December 2013 is
Save The Children Fund’s Christmas Jumper Day
supported by The Killing
so wear a Xmas or Nordic jumper, (available all over the place)
or something Xmassy or silly, onesie’s are the thing this year
and a santa hat
light up your bike with some LED Xmas lights
and get some tinsel in your bike helmet
Make yourself a spectacle and you won’t need the high-viz

We’re signed up as TEAMSFNR and we can raise some money for Save the Children Fund
which will support causes for children all over the world including Syrian children,
entire generations being traumatised as we enjoy ourselves

To give £1 all you, or colleagues, friends and family have to do is text TEAMSFNR to 70050
If you’re on this list then JDI!

Our team poster is attached so if you can send that round work, friends and family and if they follow the instructions each text raises £1.
I think 99p goes to direct aid or raising more money for SCF

Heads up: about 12 miles, no great hills and all on roads or good paths
Bring lights and locks!
Badges: Wear past Xmas Lights badge or buy another one!!

Go on it will make you happy-er!
The Killing supports Save the Children Fund’s Christmas Jumper Day

Blues at CADS on Friday 13 Dec 2013

TEAMSFNR poster – spread it around please
SCF SFNR poster