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2018/09/07 100/10 Hidden Hillsborough

Ride report 100/10 Hidden Hillsborough
Thanks to all who turned up for the ride. Some of us enjoyed a learned a lot from the guided tour of Burton St before the ride – especially how being a location for many of the scenes in the Full Monty was a factor in saving the place from demolition in the mid-90s. SFNR visited Burton St on its inaugural ride in June 2008; the theme of the ride was The Full Monty.
Anyway after Mick said something or other (blah blah …) we visited the “suppressive” barracks, a beautiful modernist RC Church, the site of Sheffield’s 1st comprehensive school, cycled past where the Rivelin flows into the Loxley and on to well landscaped council-housing, then on to where the mad were kept, past the “tragic” stadium and across the Don to the Marxist bakers and then back along the valley over the Don again, past the stadium where Buffalo Bill put on his shows alongside the Loxley and finished at a spooky deconsecrated cemetery, which in fact is in the parish of Pitsmoor.
The final leg was along the Don to the canal basin where The Dorothy Pax hosted us with a 100/10 pale ale, and the Pitsmoor Ladies’ Ukulele Chorale entertained us harmoniously and we ate the gorgeous cakes baked and delivered by Judy Tocher, sincere thanks to all of these contributors – blooming marvellous.

ps this is a quick report and I am doing a fuller one – cycling as autobiography!

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide
Friday 7 September
Start: Burton St Foundation, S6 2HH

6.30pm prompt
THE 100/10 RIDE Hidden Hillsborough
(ride #100 in the 10th yr of SFNR)
Ride Leader: Mick
after ride party @ The Dorothy Pax

Theme: Celebrating Hillsborough, a “village” in itself, we will looking at some fine buildings and sites and unpacking why they are there from Burton St Foundation on to churches to council estates, stadia to schools & colleges, parks and public spaces – the usual sort of thing
Route and map:

Elevation profile on this map

Heads up! Bring lights and locks, dress for where you are going to end up not for the journey, just under 12 miles, most roads and paths are good quality.

This is the 100th ride over the 10yrs of SFNR – yea!!.
We’re adapting a ride from 2009, and supporting Burton St Foundation’s contribution to 2018 Heritage Open Days.
Before the ride there is a site tour of Burton St Foundation at 5.30pm
And the ride will pass Burton St at the end if you want to join in the Bygone Sheffield pub quiz at 8.30pm
Or you can head back with the ride to The Dorothy Pax for some celebratory 100/10 drinks and be entertained by the Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Chorale (incl nightrider Stacey)

There will be cake – if you bring one

AND there is also a walking tour of Hillsborough
Sat 8 September 1.00pm- 3.00pm for anyone interested

to paraphrase Samuel Beckett
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Ever enjoyed a FridayNightRide
No matter
Try a FridayNightRide again
Enjoy a FridayNightRide again
Enjoy a FridayNightRide better

​and we have a commission for a ride on Fri 26 October 2018. Our favourites at Our Favourite Places have asked us to put on a ride with the theme modernism in Sheffield esp buildings and infrastructure. More details later.